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Duties of Logistics Department
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As an administrative organ of GIT, Logistics Department is, under the leadership of CPC committee and the President of GIT, is responsible for:

1.Making logistic service plans for GIT and logistics management regulations, and making the annual logistic work plan and supervising its implementation.

2. Signing various economic contracts concerning logistics on behalf of GIT, inspecting and supervising the implementation of the contracts.

3. Supervising the management and usage of the comprehensive budget planning of the Logistic Department made by GIT, and verifying the service scope, standard, and price of the Logistics Department.

4. Conducting GIT’s renovation work of initiating projects, project budget, project bidding, project contracts and project inspection.

5. Coordinating the relationship between local governments and GIT concerning the related things, dealing with all kinds of service demands of teachers and students, and managing all kinds of complaints, letters and visits from GIT.

6. Managing the staff housing of GIT.

7. Conducting housing reform of GIT, implementing the staff housing regulations and assisting the housing management center to finish the housing source investigation and statistics.

8. Conducting the management and usage of the repair funds of GIT.

9. Conducting the work of afforestation, environmental protection, energy saving and flood prevention .

10.Conducting the work of purchasing the equipments and commodities related the logistics.

11. Conducting the work of logistical data statistics, annual reports and archive filing work.

12. Conducting the work of management of students’ accommodation.

13.Undertaking other work assigned by the leaders of GIT.

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