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About Students’ Affairs Department
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Students’ affairs department of GIT is a functional department of the Party committee and administration, which is in charge of students’ ideological and political work and students’ administrative affairs and services for students’ development and success. Students’ affairs department includes four divisions: student affairs office, office of national defense and military education, psychological health center, and center for students’ financial assistance. Here are some responsibilities:

1) Implement the Committee of CPC’s educational policies and the Party committee and administrative organizations’ decisions. Be responsible for formulating work plans and management rules of students’ affairs, and organizing and carrying out students’ affairs in an all-round way.

2) Be responsible for implementing a variety of ideological and political education activities, centering on the socialist values education.

3) Be responsible for carrying out entrance education for freshmen, situation and policy education, moral education, discipline education, safety education, legal education, psychological health education and graduates ideological education.

4) Be responsible for selecting, training and managing our institute’s full-time ideological and political officers, and guiding part-time ideological and political officers’ work.

5) Be responsible for investigating and researching the students’ ideology and behavior, dealing with various students’ problems, and maintaining the stability of our institute as well as society.

6) Be responsible for constructing and managing students’ reward mechanism, appraising and commending all advanced student groups and advanced individuals, and establishing, examining and distributing all students’ scholarship.

7) Be responsible for investigating students’ violating discipline and law, handling these problems, and try to do a good job in educating these students.

8) Be responsible for the establishing and managing subsiding system to help students having financial difficulties, examining and approving the distribution of state-subsidized student loans, social aids, tuition waiver and temporary grants for financial difficulties, organizing the work-study program on campus.

9) Be responsible for investigating students’ psychological health and it’s education, Establishing out-patients service for students’ psychological consultation.

10) Be responsible for establishing and maintaining database of personal information of students.

11) Cooperate with other departments in selecting, educating and cultivating student party members, activists of party application and student backbones, and in construction of party branches.

12) Accomplish other tasks and works assigned by authorities.

Staff Introduction

Director: Xu Yuanmin Contact No. 0851-8210818

Address: Room 206, Building Xuegong, Guizhou Institute of Technology

The director is in charge of comprehensive management works.

Deputy Director: Sun Kai Contact No. 0851-8210769

Address: Room 207, Building Xuegong, Guizhou Institute of Technology

Be in charge of daily affairs management, students’ financial assistance, and national defense education. He takes charge of students’ affairs office, center for students’ financial assistance, office of national defense and military education.

Deputy Director: Gu Yali Contact No. 0851-8210903

Address: Room 205, Building Xuegong, Guizhou Institute of Technology

Be in charge of students’ ideological and political education and team construction of ideological and political officers. She takes charge of center for psychological health education and consultation.

Students’ affairs office: Yang Wensi; Gu Ying; Su Lirong

Contact No. 0851-8210858; 8210776

Address: Room 204, Building Xuegong, Guizhou Institute of Technology

Office of national defense and military education: Luo Chao’an; Li Jin

Contact No. 0851-8210852

Address: Room 204, Building Xuegong, Guizhou Institute of Technology

Center for students’ financial assistance: Jiang Wentao

Contact No. 0851-8210775

Address: Room 201, Building Xuegong, Guizhou Institute of Technology

Psychological health center: Hou Yanling; Lu Yun; Yang Guifang

Contact No. 0851-8210898

Address: Room 208, Building Xuegong, Guizhou Institute of Technology

Address:Guizhou Institute of Technology  1st, Caiguan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. zip code: 550003 ICP file number: ICP 13005433, Guizhou